A Little Bit About Us…

At House Trevethan, our core team consists of former enterprise technologists and entrepreneurs. From strategic planning to staffing to execution of your project we can help you succeed. We partner with your team to:

  • Help You Clearly Define Your Needs & Requirements
  • Work With You To Refine Your Technology Plan
  • Collaborate With You To Help Set Organizational Expectations
  • Propose Necessary Infrastructure & Technologies
  • Build & Manage Your Technology Team For The Project
  • Set Up Clear Milestones & Collaboration Vehicles


House Trevethan aspires to be a leader in providing business optimization of critical processes, and make enterprise level sophistication available to small and medium sized businesses in a less cost-prohibitive model than currently available by leveraging the newest technologies.
We strive to create the ideal working environment for our staff around the world by investing in systems and processes that empower creativity, communication and white glove client engagement.
We believe in creating raving fans, not just loyal customers We strive to help our clients and customers find success while creating new standards for work/life balance. We consider our technologists collaborators- someone who works with us, not for us.
We aspire to educate our clients. Often, business owners know they require technology solutions but are unsure of which methodology or product(s) they need to be effective. We aim to provide education regarding the relevant solutions and products available to them so they can be successful in their endeavors.

Leadership Team

House Trevethan is bringing best-in-class, sophisticated technologies to small and medium business owners by removing unnecessary cost markup and leveraging an innovative engagement model. As a leading competitor in this corner of the technology consulting space, we educate and inform our clients on processes, products, and methodologies to ensure their success.

We focus a great deal of effort on company culture and workforce freedom, which we’ve found greatly increases employee happiness, results in better quality work, and more efficient productivity.

Our focus on client engagement and partnership of process has created a consistent flow of reference-based projects because our clients are happily satisfied with us and our services.

Allen Trevethan, Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Allen TrevethanAllen is an expert technology strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has helped many Fortune 500 companies with their most challenging IT problems. Starting in the pre-internet days with America Online, and then rounding out his professional career with Microsoft, and WebMD. Allen possesses 20+ years of accumulated business acumen, technical knowledge, and IT leadership experience. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and son.


Heidi Trevethan, Partner, Chief Culture Officer

Heidi TrevethanAs a serial entrepreneur, Heidi found a passion for organization – her role is steeped in bringing order out of chaos and ensuring the values and culture of House Trevethan are maintained as we grow. She has an innate sense of people and can quickly find who will fit best in our culture, and what motivates potential House Trevethan team members. Her commitment to excellence in these areas has created an amazing and repeatable model for sustainable hiring. 

“I love doing anything that involves organization and creating calmness. I thrive in an environment where I get to discover, plan, and implement order.”

Heidi’s passions outside of work includes her family and two dogs. She enjoys being crafty and creative: from cake decorating to vegan baking to making miniatures she loves to use her hands. Heidi also enjoys long walks in the desert and coffee. In her spare time she volunteers as a 4H Leader in the Tucson Trailblazers 4H Club helping out in fundraising, Archery, Photography, Sewing, & Skateboarding. She also takes a group of teens on monthly outings around Tucson and volunteers in a local home school and co-op group. 

Jody Cummins, Staff Program Manager

Jody Cummins has a passion for innovation and technology collaboration which fits well within House Trevethan. In her 20+ years in the technology field she has implemented programs such as IVR Voice Recognition, Support Automation for Software Products, CRMs such as Siebel and Salesforce, and the “SOS Support Program,” which is the Industry Award Winning Video Assisted Support for Intuit’s TurboTax.  She brings us her experience as a Certified Program Manager, Product Owner Technologist, Scrum Master, Software Quality Lead and Business Analyst.

She believes learning never stops, and every solution has room to improve to keep up with changes in technology and process.   Jody says, “Technology is a living tool, never complete….we call this “constructive dissatisfaction” and it is the theory we can always do better. The best tool this year, is quickly outpaced as technology improves and it is our job to always keep our clients using the newest, easiest tools.”

In her personal life, Jody is an active member of the Tucson AZ community and volunteers annually for the All Souls Procession by leading the All Souls Procession Artist Workshops. Recently, she was a founding member of the group Arizona Welcomes Refugees, who you may know from the many Syrian Sweets Sale events held in Tucson last fall.  On weekends, you will find her at a the latest local fundraising or art event, working with her camera to capture the perfect moment.  Jody has strong ties to both Tucson and Portland, with family in both places, and is a “mom” to four rescue dogs.