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First and foremost,

Thank you for choosing House Trevethan as the company you are putting trust in to help your business be successful! We know that putting trust in another company, no matter how big or small the project, can be daunting and rife with uncertainty. Our goal at House Trevethan is to assure you have made the right choice in choosing us as your trusted partner.


1. Earn and maintain your trust. We are committed to transparent communication, engaging and encouraging feedback to better our processes, listening to your needs, and promoting accountability through a culture of documentation.

2. Open and constant communication. The key to any successful project is honest and frequent communication. We foster this by meeting with our Clients (in person and online); constant project updates and documentation in our Client Spaces so everyone involved in the project is on the same page; use Slack as a means for real-time conversation and collaboration no matter where you or we are on this planet; we are always available when you need someone to talk with.

3. Treating you as we would like to be treated. We follow the Golden Rule: Treat Others as We Would Like Them to Treat Us. We promise to have your best interests in mind. We measure our success by the success and satisfaction of our Clients. It is important to recognize that we are independent and therefore able to offer the best, balanced, and informed solution without being influenced or paid by a specific product we offer.

4. We share our knowledge. Starting with your roadmap we set out to discover what your current technology strategy is and where there is opportunity for improvement. Doing this ensures we are able to offer you a customized and concise solution to it your specific needs. We educate you about technology so even if you don’t choose us you can go to the next opportunity better equipped to make the right decision for your company. We are a solutions provider. We work within your budget to solve your specific technology needs.

5. Customized service approach. During your initial complimentary consultation we will seek to discover what your current processes are and where your major challenges exist. With this valuable information from your feedback, we are able to customize a solution that is best for you. We tailor our approach to easily integrate into the way you are already doing things.

6. Do Good. Along with the Golden Rule we strive to be a kind and generous company who remains ethical and has integrity. We donate our time, talents, and money to help our local community as well as our Clients and Collaborators communities . From sponsoring Non-Profit fundraisers to pro-bono projects we find it very rewarding to give back.

Our best interest is served by providing quality services/products, a transparent relationship for both Collaborators and Clients, and a fair price to our Clients and Users.