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Welcome to House Trevethan! We started House Trevethan recognizing there is a gap in the market for SMBs to not only have business tools catered to their processes but for clients at this important level to feel appreciated and valued. We also founded House Trevethan realizing that talented technologists needed a place to not only feel respected but to have the freedom to be in control of their own schedule and not have to deal with the day-to-day minutiae of running their own private contracting business. A main impetus for starting House Trevethan was the honest frustration with the typical corporate mindset and “this is how we do it because it is always been done this way.” The way things are currently done does not always produce the results we need as a company, as a client, and as technologists. We truly aspire to disrupt the status quo in the corporate world!

We are a technology studio that brings enterprise level services to small and medium sized businesses. Currently we offer to our clients a myriad of services including, but not limited to, software integrations, app builds, process automation, training, resourcing, and strategy consulting.We are a group of technologists and entrepreneurs who have joined forces to create the ideal working environment for our staff around the world by investing in systems and processes that empower creativity, communication, and white glove client engagement. Some of our projects have included integrating learning management systems into Quickbooks Online, building a social app for connecting amateur sports players, and automating processes for a local manufacturing company.

At House Trevethan, we believe you work to live and don’t live to work. We encourage a work/life balance and we support that by encouraging mobility, autonomy, and flexible schedules. We believe in the gig economy, white glove service to our clients, and making sure our technologists are treated like family. We’re looking for problem solvers. We’re a solutions company looking for self starters eager to learn about everything we mentioned above as well as what it takes to organize and power a company behind the scenes. We look at all collaborators as working with us not for us. We are open-minded and constantly willing to improve processes and receive feedback from our technologists in order to achieve balance and harmony with our collaborators.

We plan for our blog posts to have helpful tips, interesting and forward-thinking articles, relevant technology news along with updates on our business. If you would like to stay current on our business offerings and updates, Click Here.