Advisory Team, Tech Wranglers, & Nerd Whisperers


Our custom implementation of WordPress makes your website easy to maintain and upgrade.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM systems do the simple repetitive tasks, so your humans can do the real work and connect with highly qualified leads.


From simple products, to complex subscriptions, your customers will enjoy returning to purchase your products over and over.

What is House Trevethan?

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We are with you every step of the way: Advisory, Planning, Delivery, & Maintenance

We see that large corporations and businesses have a plethora of technology options available to them and oftentimes the small business sector, while needing these very same technologies, do not have the opportunities available like the “big guys” do.

So, we set out to change that! We are a group of technologists who use what we’ve learned and experienced in the Enterprise space and apply the same methodologies and offer the same technologies to SMBs!

What does that mean? This allows small business owners to pivot, compete, and grow their businesses for success. It puts small business in the same tech lane as big business. House Trevethan offers Ecommerce (have a smooth & repeatable online buying experience); CRM (track & vet solid leads and keep in touch with current clients while you sleep); APIs (get two pieces of software to “talk to each other”);  Holsitic Managed Services and an Expert Advisory Team at the ready.


Did you know that 90% of technology that any business needs to operate smoothly, save time, and grow are already on the market? Avoid paying for custom work and the price tag that comes along with it! House Trevethan is a house full of Experienced Advisors, Tech Wranglers, & Nerd Whisperers. We will help your project succeed within the budget and parameters you require.

Your Business. Our Solutions. Your Success!

Client Pain Points

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Lack of Availability
Always Available with several ways to contact us: email, phone, Slack

Loss of Ownership
Our Clients take ownership and have access to all aspects of the project & your project is YOURS

Systems That Don’t Scale
From initial Scoping and Discovery we ensure your project is scaleable to save you money in the long run

Our success depends on YOUR success. We’re here with you through the thick and thin and won’t stop until you achieve your goals.



Lack of Tech Knowledge
We educate and inform our clients. From planning to maintenance we always work to empower and enable you and your team.

No Plan
We offer a tried and true step-by-step blueprint that will guide you through the whole project form beginning to end.

Scared to Change Your Mind
We embrace Agility here at House Trevethan. It allows for flexibility within your project to re-alilgn and re-focus when changes are added mid-project. We will show you how!

Overwhelming Complexity
Technology can be very complex. We break it down into byte-sized pieces and plan accordingly!

Value of HT

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Honesty & Transparency– House Trevethan provides clear, open, and constant communication. This includes detailed documentation so a project can always involve other vendors or team members.

Heart & Truth- Success of our client’s business IS our success. We have decades of experience working with big companies on big problems. We take that knowledge and experience and tailor it to the small business owner. We offer flexible and scaleable software solutions. We use software solutions that give you the same tools as larger companies but with the flexibility to grow into them. This keeps upfront costs lower AND drastically reduces your total cost of ownership in the long run. Since software is ever changing, and so is your business, we’re always planning for your future opportunities to grow and scale.

Hope & Trust – We’re more of a partner than a vendor: being relationship-oriented means we have “skin in the game” too and we want a good outcome. We are invested in your success! Because Trust is key to a long-term relationship, there are no contracts or commitments that our clients are locked into. Our clients can always walk away; it’s on us to deliver the goods so you want to stay. Our clients choose to stay with us long term because of our relationship mindset. We are self accountable & our efforts are driven by always doing the right thing.

Culture of Documentation – Not only will documentation allow for open and clear communication, it is at the ethos of who House Trevethan is. We will show you how a culture of documentation can decrease meetings, increase efficiency, and empower your team to do more than ever before!

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Talk to Our Team

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Schedule some time to do a Meet & Greet with our team!
We’d love to get to know you and your business.

The Partner Experience

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Relationships Over Sales

We’re not selling you a package; we’re solving your problems. We become a part of your team by understanding your budget, goals, and business realities. Together, we create the ideal solution for your present and future needs. We’re always available to you, and there are several ways to get in touch with our accessible and responsive team. Our success is measured by the success of your business. We’re committed to your organization’s long term goals and needs.


WooCommerce is the industry leader in eCommerce solutions for WordPress. It creates an integrated and smooth experience for your customers all within the WordPress environment. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce is supported by thousands of independent developers across the globe offering flexibility as well as a watchful eye so that your systems are always secure, open 24/7, and free of worry. From simple products, to complex subscriptions, your customers will enjoy returning to purchase your products over and over.

Customer Relationship Management

Imagine engaging with your customers while you sleep. Know what marketing is working, and what marketing is not working thru data-driven decision making. Expand the reach of your sales team through personalized automations and workflow management. Increase sales and return customers through intelligent engagement based on previous purchases, preferences, and behavior. CRM systems do the simple repetitive tasks, so your humans can do the real work and connect with highly qualified leads.

Holistic Software Solutions and Services

We consider your entire organization, budget, current climate, and future goals when helping you plan a project. Your business challenges are unique, but the technology used to solve those challenges has already been created. 90% of what you need has already been built and just needs to be configured for your business. For less than the cost of one full time software architect, you can have a whole team who can help you build and deliver your project as well as help you adopt technology into your internal processes. Clients report ease of use, increased efficiency, increased productivity because software streamlines processes.


WordPress is the most popular, and the most flexible content management system available today. The biggest problem with WordPress is its complexity. Our custom implementation of WordPress makes your website easy to maintain and upgrade. This is the same technology that the “big guys” are using, and it’s supported by hundreds of thousands of independent OpenSource developers across the globe. With House Trevethan, it can be flexible AND easy.

Advisory and Audit

Receive regular reporting about your systems performance and work with our team to make data-driven decisions about your long term strategy and execution. We will help you understand the landscape as well as keep an eye on your regulatory obligations like HIPAA, PCI, and ADA Compliance. We can also help you adopt new processes to create a more efficient and eco-friendly workspace within your organization. Imagine: Less meetings, less paper, and more time to do the real work.

Wooshing Hourglass

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

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We would love to talk with you about your technology needs and how we can help!

ROI was immediately apparent!

Amazing team! They make all of your “Il wish there was a way to…” a reality! Budget-friendly, and great listeners – these innovators do not try to shoehorn you into a solution. They listened to my needs and found something that worked specifically for the challenges we were trying to overcome. ROI was immediately apparent!

Joel G.
Director of Operations, IAOM

Extensive knowledge...

Extensive knowledge of custom web and software solutions for businesses and manufacturing processes. They also develop sports apps. It was fun working with them on marketing the Tucson Tech Talks event. They had the website up in a week! Can’t be beat on their internal communication strategies and password security information.

Social Media Manager

Compete with the big boys...

House Trevethan has given the small business owner the ability to compete with the big boys. Want a more efficient, lean and mean array of systems integrated for maximum output? And…. they do it for a fraction of the cost.

Kevin Wood, Realtor
eXp Realty

Focusing on growth...

You’re the best! … Thank you so much. You and your whole team there have been outstanding in helping me get this up and running not only cost effectively but time as well. You’ve really saved my butt in many ways and I can’t wait to grow this tool and start focusing on growth. Can’t say thank you enough!

Matt Wallace
Stealth Media

Customizing technology...

“Heidi and House Trevethan excel at customization. Everything they do is about customizing your technology for your exact specialty, exact needs and exact goals. Don’t waste your resources on technology that doesn’t fit. Get a custom product designed just for your business.

Shannon G.- Appraiser
Accredited Appraisal Service Ltd.

Clear timelines...

It’s been a great pleasure working with [House Trevethan]. The details of the work were always clear and reasonable timelines were always given with flexibility when required. The future of the company is bright and I would recommend them and appreciate the opportunity to work together with them again!

Jason C.
Contracted Senior Software Developer

Worthwhile work...

“You can do community work in Public Health, and have it be worthwhile work.”
“I feel like we won this award because we are working with House Trevethan.”

Nidal K.
Doctoral Student in Maternal & Child Health and
Community Engagement Award Winner

Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Allen served as an expert witness on a civil litigation matter handled by my law firm. His wealth of knowledge and industry experience placed us in a superior position and his report provided the detailed analysis and clear opinions needed to persuade.

Matthew Goldstein
Partner at Farhang & Medcoff