The Power of an Advisor

Would you go on a safari without a guide? Would you jump out of an airplane and go skydiving without an instructor? I think we can all agree that you certainly wouldn’t do those things without advice and guidance if it’s your first time, or you are still relatively new to the activity.

What makes an expert an expert? There are many answers to this question, like processing a degree in your discipline, or maybe there are certification programs. My answer to this question is always, “They are experts because they’ve screwed things up more times than you’ve even made attempts.” Simply, they’ve been there, done that, and likely have the scars and trauma to prove it… Sometimes this will manifest as a college degree, and sometimes it will manifest as pure, grizzled stoicism.

Experts can help show you where the potholes in the road are. We all know that marketing is a company’s best face forward. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told a client “I know that’s what they SAID it does… But it doesn’t really do that…” when talking about any number of software solutions.

So, why is Advisory and Consulting so very important in Software Solutions?

  • It’s not just about your website (or any other singular piece of your software and technology)
  • Marketing and trade publications BARELY scratch the surface of most offerings in many cases
  • Software changes literally everyday
  • It reduces your costs significantly

Remember that a Software Solution for your business is SO much more than just a website. Websites are but one piece of the puzzle. There are so many other pieces to your technology footprint, like Customer Relationship Management systems, Finance and Accounting software, Payroll systems, Business Process Management software, Devops Integrations, and the list goes on and on and on.

Sure, you can spend the time and educate yourself on all the parts and pieces and how they work together, but when you consider that time is money, it’s far cheaper to hire a guide who’s been walking around in this forest for awhile. Unless you like bumbling around in the dark trying to find your way. The expert has already done that, and like we mentioned before, we have the scars to prove it. You’re not paying us for the minutes we’re talking together, you’re paying us for the decades we spent bumping into the trees in the forest. 🙂

Let’s say you do figure it all out and reach a level of comfort that empowers you to self serve. Not only is that achievable, but when you work with House Trevethan we build the education into your plan so that you CAN become the expert if you want. The harsh reality in Tech that you need to be aware of is the knowledge you have today QUICKLY becomes obsolete. The pace of change is crazy in tech! If you want to stay on top, you will have to live, eat, breathe this stuff.

Finally, I’d like to point out that here at House Trevethan, we are the experts when it comes to technology solutions for small business. We still make sure to keep trusted guides and other experts in our circles so that we can benefit from their experiences as well. Everyone needs an expert in their corner — even the experts. 😉

So, don’t go on that safari alone. For the wilds are filled with lions, and they enjoy an easy target.

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